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Vegan Giniling Guisado (Picadillo)
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Vegan Giniling Guisado (Picadillo)

Giniling Guisado is ground pork marinated in soy sauce and calamansi juice (lemon/lime) that is typically sauteed with tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and bell peppers. This was one of the Filipino dishes I missed the most when we became vegan. I loved the texture and tanginess of the dish combined with white rice! Giniling is the Filipino version of Picadillo, a Spanish and Latin American ground beef hash. Picadillo is usually made with raisins, diced potatoes and tomato sauce.

I discovered Gardein Beefless Ground a few months ago and that was all I needed to start making Giniling again! I made other changes to the traditional recipe. I did not use tomatoes, and doubled up on the lime. Instead of soy sauce, I used Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. I also used sweet potatoes instead of potatoes, and added shiitake mushrooms for a meaty texture.

This dish takes 20 minutes to make and has 26.2 grams of protein per serving! It can be eaten alone, with rice or wrapped in a tortilla with some greens and avocado.

Vegan Giniling Guisado (Picadillo)

  • Yield: 4 servings
  • Preparation: 8 minutes
  • Cooking: 12 minutes
  • Total: 20 minutes
  • Diets: Vegan Vegetarian



  1. Preparation: Cut sweet potatoes and bell pepper into small cubes. For the shiitake mushroom, slice away the stem where it joins the cap. Cut the mushroom caps into four.

  2. Turn stove on medium heat. Heat oil in wok. Add garlic and onion.

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  3. When onion becomes translucent, add cubed sweet potatoes, lime, white vinegar, and Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. Stir and cover for 4 minutes.

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  4. Add bell peppers and mushroom. Stir well and cover for 3 minutes.

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  5. Put the stove on high heat. Add the celery, beefless ground “beef”, edamame and ground black pepper. Stir and cover for two minutes then stir again and cover for another two minutes or until all the vegetables are al dente. Serve hot.

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